The City of Kyle is a more wonderful community thanks to the Live Well Fitness classes! These classes have been a true blessing for me. When I first discovered Live Well, I was still recovering from cancer treatment and had plenty of restrictions. The Live Well instructors helped me modify exercises as needed. Now over ten years later, I am cancer-free and fairly active. I have tried all of the classes and all of the instructors have had the same caring attitude! These classes are one of my favorite things about living in Kyle!     Karen G.

After several weeks during the Aquafit class I noticed that I was becoming stronger and at my age that is very important. I also have such fun with the ladies that I was in class with and the instructors are great.     BJ

After years of saying “no”, I finally signed up, and Katie is THE BEST! I don’t know why I waited so long. Katie is joyful, and she spreads that joy around. I never mind getting ready to go to exercise class when I know she will lead us through an hour of exercises that are painless and very helpful in keeping my body limber. Thanks, Katie     Paula C.

AquaFIT water aerboics has been a “God-send” for me. I love swimming and can do almost anything in the water that my physical disability prevents on land. Katie & the other instructors are so knowledgeable —professionally trained, personally nurturing/caring, and FUN! I’ve participated every summer for five years or more…all the ladies & some men seem to bond thru the shared experience. Thank you & Live Well.
God bless.          Cecilia B.

This is one fantastic program and I have been a participant for over 5 years. The Live Well SeniorFIT program is a general all round program which includes strength training, flexibility, range of motion and balance exercises. Exercises are at your own pace and modifications are given so you can stand or sit down on the job.
I had very limited mobility when I first started and now, well, I’m doing great. I will never be able to run a mile but I sure can walk it thanks to this program.      Sharon M.